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Weblog index for 2004-2006

This page lists the titles of all weblog entries published this year and last year, arranged in reverse date order. Click on any title to view that entry, or click on any heading to see more details of that month's postings.

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May 2006

Why SOA Software bought Blue Titan


March 2006

What will Spark ignite?

Spark and restart


January 2006

Why Progress bought Actional

What should an SOA repository look like?

Why Mercury bought Systinet


December 2005

Food for thought

Top blog postings in 2005

Recasting architecture


November 2005

Fine-grained tail of the Mechanical Turk

Microsoft and the roadkill ahead


October 2005

Identity as a service

It's a loosely coupled world

Why IBM bought DataPower

Components of a mediation services layer

SOA maturity means business


September 2005

Who will buy BEA?

Get set for change time

Composing hosted services

IBM goes for the ESB lock-in

Microsoft explodes the ESB

Why BEA bought Plumtree


August 2005

My new ZDNet blog

It all revolves around mediation

Why Intel bought Sarvega

Real-world designs on web services

ESB: time to grow up

J2EE: the gloves are off


July 2005

More patent nonsense from Amazon

Why Yahoo! bought Pixoria

Industry myopia

Governance rules

Software goes free


June 2005

Why Sun bought SeeBeyond

Making sense of AON

Waiting for Cisco

Holes in AquaLogic

SOA by any other name

Gorillas on the move


May 2005

Dissolving boundaries


April 2005


Cell names in Excel

East vs West?


March 2005

Why Oracle bought Oblix

Software-powered services

SOA mobcast

Missing layers of SOA


February 2005

Naming the leaders in SOA management

Indigo elbows out Green


January 2005

Objects vs services

Top postings of 2004

My 2005 prediction


December 2004

All the news from 2004

Weekly notes

Weekly notes: Software futures

Striving towards reuse

Weekly notes: The art of service discovery

You know how to WSDL?


November 2004

Weekly notes: Text pump


Weekly notes: KISS

J2EE: no longer required

End of the road for ESB

Weekly notes: Blown away

Trust, contracts and UDDI

Putting services to use

Weekly notes: services on top

Newbie writes WSDL

ESBs are built, not bought


Assembling on-demand services to automate business, commerce, and the sharing of knowledge

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