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Tuesday, October 5, 2004

Charter ad opportunity

Loosely Coupled is offering a limited set of charter advertising packages this quarter, and visitors will start to see ads appearing from our advertisers in the next few days. There are a couple of packages still available — we are limiting the number of charter advertisers to just five, although other advertisers can still book any of our standard advertising options, subject to availability.

The ad packages, ranging from $500 to $1200 for the quarter (ie now until end December), bundle a selection of ad formats across the site at a big discount to standard prices. As a further incentive, our five charter advertisers this quarter will get first preference and an extra 20% off charter packages booked for Q1 2005 — we'll be publishing details of those packages in late November.

Traffic at Loosely Coupled is on the up as word spreads among our target readership among early adopters of enterprise SOA and BPM — and as the size of the early adopter base for what we like to call 'loosely coupled business automation' expands. This means we have to invest in developing and operating the site to grow with our user base, and the support of our advertisers is going to make a vital contribution.

To receive full details of the three charter package options, please use the form below to register your email address:

Your email:

You'll receive an email by return describing all three packages in full. You can also reserve your booking online immediately, so long as one of the five charter slots remains available.

posted by Phil Wainewright 10:13 AM (GMT) | comments | link

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