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Weblog index for September 2004

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Attending XML Web Services
Sep 24th: I'm moderating a user panel at XML & Web Services 2004 conference in London next week. This is shaping up to be an excellent event, under new management this year by the folks from Information Age/Infoconomy ...

Sep 23rd: A lot of energy is being uselessly expended on debating whether the WS-* stack of web services specifications is a waste of time or not. Here's a sampling of points of view from "The Loyal WS-Opposition," who I firmly believe have got it completely wrong; and I'll explain why later in this posting ...

Service myths
Sep 22nd: One of the great challenges of moving to a service-oriented architecture is adopting a service mindset. A few years ago, traveling the conference circuit in the days when application service providers were a hot new property and I was one of the movement's leading lights as the founder of the website, I used to warn that migrating software to the ASP model "isn't just a relocation exercise," meaning that it isn't enough simply to transfer on-premises software into an ASP's data center without adapting it to its new role ...

Choking on XML
Sep 20th: The growing phenomenon of multi-megabyte XML messages makes for one of the most intriguing stories in this month's Loosely Coupled monthly digest, which came out last week ...

Did X10 kill the RIA?
Sep 8th: Popular frustration with intrusive pop-up ads may have inadvertently set back the advance of rich Internet applications. At about the time that Microsoft engineers started working on their Service Pack 2 (SP2) upgrade to Windows XP, most web users had had it up to here with X10, the company that saturated the Web with pop-up and pop-under ads for its wireless and web cameras until filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy last year ...

Shallow linking
Sep 1st: It was ironic to follow a link about Friendster's social networking lapse and stumble upon IDG's deep linking policy today. It seems I'm behind the curve here; IDG introduced its policy last year, but today was the first time I've encountered it. In the CNET story, Friendster fires developer for blog, the penultimate paragraph refers to "a story on InfoWorld in August," and, not unreasonably, links to that story, even though it's a story on a competitor's title ...

Grid vs SOA
Sep 1st: Grid and SOA are going to be on something of a collision course if enterprises embrace both simultaneously. At first glance, that seems like a counter-intuitive statement. Aren't grid and SOA both aiming to do the same kind of thing? Well, yes ... and no. SOA aims to create a unified loosely coupled software architecture in which resources can be plugged in and out at will ...

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