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Friday, August 26, 2005

My new ZDNet blog

In addition to the Loosely Coupled weblog, I am now writing a second blog, on the topic of Software as services: applications on demand, for ZDNet.

This doesn't mean there will be any lessening of activity here at Loosely Coupled. On the contrary, the past couple of months have seen an increase in the frequency not only of blog entries but also of feature articles and contributed opinion pieces. That's set to continue. Believe me, I have enough of a sense for where trends are going to know that this would be the worst possible moment to start winding down the world's best-informed specialist website on enterprise adoption of service oriented architectures. Loosely Coupled is expanding in step with what is on the verge of becoming (finally!) a burgeoning market. [Quick plug: that expansion is funded in part by vendors who book our advertising packages, and if you're interested in joining them, our expansion has opened up space for one or two more.]

I have never lost interest, however, in the software-as-services sector, which I used to cover full time in my former guise as founder and managing editor of, which surfed the huge wave of ASP hype in 1999/2000. When the opportunity to write on the topic at ZDNet came up, I leapt at it (particularly as I believe software-as-services and service-oriented architectures are two sectors that will converge within the next few years ).

Even though I've only been doing it for a couple weeks, I'm immensely enjoying the new blog. It's also been an interesting contrast to what I've been doing for Loosely Coupled, as the posts are shorter but more frequent — something I should perhaps consider emulating here if it seems to work well.

As a taster of the kinds of topics I'm covering on the new blog, here's a list of the first ten postings:

If you want to subscribe to the ZDNet blog, here's a link to the RSS feed.

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