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Weblog index for January 2005

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Objects vs services
Jan 27th: The classic view of the difference between objects, components and services is laid out with admirable clarity in an ACM Queue article this month by Roger Sessions of Objectwatch: Fuzzy Boundaries: Objects, Components, and Web Services ...

Top postings of 2004
Jan 6th: An interesting insight into what brings people to the Loosely Coupled website comes from this list of the ten most popular weblog postings for 2004, based on our traffic logs (which are recorded by an external service that counts pageviews only, so these figures reflect the interests of live visitors rather than robots) ...

My 2005 prediction
Jan 5th: There's no real need to make a set of New Year predictions when Adam Rifkin already said it all in his pre-Christmas posting on Weblications. This beautifully crafted weblog posting is itself a demonstration of its central theme; that simply linking together chunks of capability from a variety of sources is frequently far more effective than building something discrete and whole that stands alone ...

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