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Weblog index for January 2006

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Why Progress bought Actional
Jan 20th: It looks like the market underrated Actional. Its technology is "vastly superior" to that of competitors, Progress Software's CTO Gordon Van Huizen told me yesterday in the wake of the company's latest SOA-related acquisition (although probably not its last, of which more later) ...

What should an SOA repository look like?
Jan 18th: It's becoming clear that a repository is an essential component in a successful SOA. What's less clear is what a successful SOA repository actually looks like. Is it just an expanded registry, or something else? I've been asking SOA vendors for their views over the past couple of months ...

Why Mercury bought Systinet
Jan 10th: SOA is hot, governance is hot. When Mercury asked customers what their priorities were for SOA, "The first thing they were asking about was governance," Mercury's SVP strategy, Zohar Gilad, told me yesterday. It was unexpected, but on consideration it makes sense, he added: "Customers need to chaos-proof their SOA implementations."

Why was Mercury asking about SOA? "We believe that SOA is the next big shift in IT," said Gilad ...

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