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Thursday, April 22, 2004

SOA management top 10

For the launch of our new monthly newsletter, we've named the companies we rank as the top 10 SOA management vendors. Here they are, in alphabetical order:

  • Actional
  • AmberPoint
  • Blue Titan
  • Computer Associates
  • HP
  • Infravio
  • Oblix
  • Systinet
  • webMethods
  • Westbridge Technology

'SOA management', by the way, is our preferred term for what often gets called 'web services management'. Here's our definition:

Software used to track and control activity within a service-oriented infrastructure

The list is a little bit controversial in that we've left out some big names, including IBM and Microsoft, and included others for whom management software is a sideline rather than a core offering. One thing's for sure; the next time we publish this list, several of the names will have changed.

The first issue of the newsletter, which is called Loosely Coupled monthly digest, is out now. It's intended to be a valued resource for companies looking at or in the process of deploying web services, SOA and business process management technologies for business advantage. It will focus on the practical realities of what deployment truly entails, and what contribution it really makes to business operations. April's issue contains:

  • an overview of the SOA management market,
  • detailed profiles of the ten leading SOA management vendors,
  • a look at the role of identity management in web services security,
  • how Microsoft aims to get BizTalk customers interested in orchestration,
  • early feedback from users of's web services API and
  • a case study in moving towards loosely coupled business integration.

There will be ten issues a year — one each month, except August and January. We know that many readers will want to sample the publication and see what it has to offer, so we're offering several different ways to sign up, as well as throwing in this first issue for free:

  • Subscribe for one year at the special launch price of $195 instead of the normal $295. And with the April issue free, you get 11 issues for the price of 10.
  • Subscribe for three months at $85. You'll get four issues, including April's free issue, which takes you through until September.
  • Take out a one-year site license subscription for the reduced launch price of $895 (normally $995), and get 11 issues for the price of 10. This is the best option for teams with four or more potential subscribers.

Sign up for any of the options now at the Loosely Coupled monthly digest page, which gives more details about the publication and subscription options. New subscribers get instant access to the latest issue. Simply click on the 'activate your subscription' link, right after completing your payment.

posted by Phil Wainewright 6:36 PM (GMT) | comments | link

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