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Weblog index for July 2004

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Sellers and buyers
Jul 30th: If Confluent was actively looking for buyers, does that change the significance of who considered the acquisition? This is an important question that's come out in feedback on our lead article this week, BEA weighed web services buy ...

BEA weighed buying Confluent
Jul 29th: BEA was one of four companies that looked at acquiring Confluent Software earlier this year, we reveal in our latest feature article, BEA weighed web services buy ...

Today's top ESB choices
Jul 23rd: We name today's top seven ESB vendors in the new issue of Loosely Coupled monthly digest, which is now available for download. The list omits several big names who've promised to deliver an ESB: customers can't implement projects using a promise ...

Connecting with Koranteng
Jul 16th: IBM insider Koranteng Ofosu-Amaah has posted a marvelously detailed account of what's been done with the work that Halfbrain started: On rich web applications, AlphaBlox and Oddpost, in response to my previous posting ...

Now IBM buys Alphablox
Jul 15th: Alphablox is the BI vendor that bought, whose developers went on to found Oddpost, as I mentioned last week. So did IBM buy Alphablox for the same reason that Yahoo! bought Oddpost? Or is it just coincidence that both acquisitions have happened at the same time ...

Why Yahoo! bought Oddpost
Jul 12th: Adding a new twist to my mention of Oddpost in last Wednesday's item, More on rich clients, Yahoo! just bought the company. As Dave Winer reported in his weblog on Friday, "Oddpost turned the idea of what you could do with a browser upside down, by producing a clone of Microsoft Outlook in JavaScript and DHTML running in MSIE," which is why its name had cropped up in my discussion of browser-based clients earlier in the week ...

More on rich clients
Jul 7th: While there are some who still doubt the potential of browser-based clients, others believe the case was proven long ago. Responding to the doubters mentioned in my last posting, Steve Guttman left a comment recalling his work several years ago with a startup called "Back in early 2000, my former company,, developed a dhtml spreadsheet and presentation program ...

Rich clients, network wealth
Jul 1st: Many people find it unthinkable that Microsoft might lose its dominance of client software, so I ought to expand on my recent posting about Avalon: Microsoft's microchannel ...

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