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More patent nonsense from Amazon
Jul 28th: In a move that threatens to stifle future competition in commercial web services, has filed a "patent application for an online marketplace where consumers search and pay for web services," reports CNET ...

Why Yahoo! bought Pixoria
Jul 26th: Acquiring Konfabulator lets Yahoo! feed live information directly to the desktop, bypassing the browser. A lot of people have been misled by Pixoria's use of the name 'widgets' for the tiny applets created and run using its Konfabulator tool (now in the wake of the acquisition to be renamed Yahoo! Widgets, which is sure to perpetuate the misconception) ...

Industry myopia
Jul 21st: The software industry has always been useless at understanding what it's selling. Over the years this effect has been compounded because many of the IT managers it sells to have been contaminated by the same lack of real-world perspective. Vendors get understandably excited about the technology they have on offer, and eventually a whole ecosystem of sales and marketing teams, industry analysts, journalists and technology-focused buyers ends up getting totally absorbed into a closed debate about which product, system or architecture is better than another ...

Governance rules
Jul 12th: Before SOA, governance was implicit in your IT architecture. The way your applications behaved and operated was hard-coded. Loose coupling liberates application behavior, and this makes governance paramount, because otherwise you have anarchy ...

Software goes free
Jul 6th: The price of software is inexorably grinding towards zero. Software is becoming infrastructure, and that infrastructure is progressively becoming commoditized. A key part of this evolution is the abstraction of application logic out of software and into standards-compliant XML documents ...

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