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Weblog index for December 2004

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All the news from 2004
Dec 22nd: We have just put online a news archive of the top news headlines and press releases selected by Loosely Coupled's editors throughout the year. This is the most complete archive of web services, SOA and BPM news material available on the Web ...

Weekly notes
Dec 17th: Legacy integrators consolidate; putting policy in charge; trust then validate. A short set of notes this week because there are various deadlines to get out of the way before the Christmas holidays ...

Weekly notes: Software futures
Dec 10th: WS-ReliableMessaging arrives, ESB needs mediation, service assembly tools, semantic context, capturing process. Future trends in software seems to be the theme running through this week's notes, although there's also word of a minor spat between two Irish ESB vendors and news of yet another SAP implementation gone wrong ...

Striving towards reuse
Dec 9th: The hard part is getting a service ready for reuse. So far, my test drive of Grand Central's Business Services Network has served only to demonstrate the hardship required to create a service ...

Weekly notes: The art of service discovery
Dec 3rd: The undiscovered art of locating and understanding services is a prerequisite for creating successful composite applications. Systinet's launch last month of its Business Services Registry was a helpful step up from the bare A2A discovery capabilities of UDDI, but in its current form it's still of more relevance for those who want to compile service inventories and monitor compliance to corporate standards than it is to developers ...

You know how to WSDL?
Dec 1st: It's a measure of how unfamiliar this whole territory is to me that it's been three weeks since I last posted about my test drive of Grand Central's Business Services Network ...

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