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Weblog index for June 2004

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All the world's an SOA
Jun 30th: With Sun and Oracle falling into line, every major systems vendor now has an SOA strategy, although most of them are more statements of intent than shipping product offerings ...

Avalon: Microsoft's microchannel
Jun 18th: A couple of years ago, I forecast that XML is to Microsoft as PC was to IBM. A new essay by Joel Spolsky has now fleshed out in marvelous detail How Microsoft Lost the API War, and it turns out that — to return to my analogy — Avalon is to Microsoft as microchannel was to IBM ...

Wanton coupling
Jun 14th: The paradox of loose coupling is that it's never context-free. Whenever two services interact, there's always some common ground, some element of mutuality. It may be loose, but it's never wanton ...

People-oriented automation
Jun 11th: One of the reasons why businesses want more agile IT is that today's flatter management structures depend on giving greater autonomy to individual managers and workers. The trouble with traditional enterprise software is that it's rooted in an organizational model that assumes a large bureaucracy shuffling documents around according to preset procedures ...

MS can't stomach SAP
Jun 7th: "The unspeakable in pursuit of the uneatable" was Oscar Wilde's celebrated description of foxhunting, but it might just as well apply to today's news that Microsoft considered acquiring SAP last year ...

The three Ps of SOA
Jun 4th: Achieving a truly loosely coupled services architecture depends on separating application code into three distinct aspects. I want to reiterate this message because I'm not seeing enough recognition of the importance of each member of this triumvirate. Perhaps people are scared of decomposing the application infrastructure into too many moving parts ...

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