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Weblog index for October 2005

This page shows the opening sentences of all weblog entries published this month, arranged in reverse date order. Click on any title to view the full entry.

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Identity as a service
Oct 27th: Here's a killer Web 2.0 app that I wish someone would roll out. In all the discussions about Internet identity (at IIW2005, for example, which various people are blogging), I see all kinds of grand plans and schemes for addressing the total universe of digital identity, but never any simple, practical, cost-effective solutions to problems people have today ...

It's a loosely coupled world
Oct 20th: I'm with Adam. No one has the right "to tell others what to believe, what to wear, what to eat, what to say, and what to think ...

Why IBM bought DataPower
Oct 18th: First Cisco, then Intel, now IBM. Not a bad hat-trick for the notion that "SOA is more than just software — hardware is part of it," as IBM's Robert LeBlanc put it in a phone briefing about the company's acquisition of XML appliance maker DataPower today ...

Components of a mediation services layer
Oct 18th: A new entity is emerging, deep within the SOA fabric, as crucial as the web application server became at the dawn of web-based distributed computing. This new entity doesn't have a name or a well-defined shape, yet. But it must evolve before the new era of services-based distributed computing can have its day ...

SOA maturity means business
Oct 11th: A clear sign that SOA is facing up to the need to deliver business results comes in the release this month of the so-called SOA Maturity Model by a small team of SOA suppliers ...

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