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Wednesday, May 26, 2004


The lack of new content here recently has been due to my small band of colleagues and I overstretching ourselves during the launch of our monthly paid newsletter. I'm bringing this out in the open to signal a fresh start, marked by the publication on the site today of a new feature article, Adding policy to integration, which is our first since March.

From June onwards, we'll publish at least two articles a month on the site. Meanwhile, issue 2 of the Loosely Coupled monthly digest will be out next month, featuring an overview and vendor profiles of ESB, followed by issue 3 in July, featuring web services development platforms.

I'll be returning to my earlier habits of posting two to three weblog entries here, although there may still be some weeks when I can't hold to that promise. I'm currently in the throes of moving house, pending the arrival of baby twins, due in August. Fitting everything in has been — and will likely remain — very tricky. But the plan is to get things in order and following a set routine by the end of July. If possible, that will include completing a review of what we offer on the website and upgrading the look and feel, but getting the content established on a regular pattern is the top priority. So far — despite some glitches along the way — the plan seems to be on track.

The high standards of content you've come to expect from Loosely Coupled certainly haven't gone away. Watch this space for more coming soon.

posted by Phil Wainewright 4:47 PM (GMT) | comments | link

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