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Weblog index for March 2004

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Widget syndication
Mar 31st: One or two examples are emerging of the use of web services to call up bits of functionality on demand. There's a review this week in Network Computing of DreamFactory Software's rich client plug-in for XML web services: DreamFactory 6.0 Ends Web App Development Nightmares ...

Small-minded orchestration
Mar 26th: BEA and IBM this week published an ill-conceived mongrel specification called BPELJ. Edwin Khodabakchian has done a great job of listing the technical shortcomings in a posting to his blog ...

Brownfield development
Mar 25th: Integration is never a greenfield proposition. Since the main attraction of web services is the ability to link to other systems, it therefore follows that the vast majority of web services projects are going to be what town planners call brownfield developments: new structures that have to coexist with the existing cityscape ...

Disruptive insight
Mar 17th: Ideas that were once fresh and innovative eventually become stale and hackneyed. A simple insight, convincingly expressed, can catapult a young academic into the limelight, launching a stellar career of glowing citations, lucrative conference appearances and best-selling business books ...

Up the stack
Mar 12th: Grand Central's deal with AT&T is a terrific endorsement, but will it bring in any new business? It was cunning of the telco to launch WebService Connect with a live customer already in place, but of course Thomson Financial was already a longstanding customer of Grand Central's ...

Amazon commercializes RSS
Mar 5th: RSS broke out of its news-and-weblog-tracking ghetto this week when expanded its range of syndicated content feeds. The online retailer published a new list of about 200 ready-made RSS feeds, each showing the top-selling items for a particular subcategory or search term ...

SAP comes out fighting
Mar 5th: NetWeaver 2004 will go head-to-head WebSphere and BizTalk, according to a CNET story, SAP plan could spawn software battle ...

Web services downgrade for SAP
Mar 3rd: Analysts at London-based broker Dresdner Kleinwort Wasserstein have downgraded SAP stock because of web services. They reiterated a "sell" rating on SAP AG (SAPG.F) today, citing a price target 10 percent below the current market price ...

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