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Weblog index for August 2005

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My new ZDNet blog
Aug 26th: In addition to the Loosely Coupled weblog, I am now writing a second blog, on the topic of Software as services: applications on demand, for ZDNet ...

It all revolves around mediation
Aug 23rd: The deeply ingrained point-to-point mindset of mainstream computer systems design is hampering recognition of some of the most basic concepts required for successful deployment of service-oriented architecture. It always seems more appealing to think in terms of dedicated, high-performance direct connections, but pause for a moment to consider the limitations on scalability and flexibility this kind of architecture brings with it ...

Why Intel bought Sarvega
Aug 19th: Just two months after Cisco's AON launch, now Intel has waded into the XML appliance market. The company is keeping tight-lipped about why exactly it has acquired Sarvega, but there are various pieces of evidence that point to the likely reasons ...

Real-world designs on web services
Aug 18th: Anyone who has ever wondered what service-oriented architecture is actually for might finally get their answer in a few months' time, when the OASIS SOA Adoption Blueprints TC starts reporting its findings. OASIS announced the new committee on Monday, but I got a chance to grill Miko Matsumura, one of the driving forces behind the initiative, about what it all means last week ...

ESB: time to grow up
Aug 11th: While some of its rivals have descended into a puerile debate about who was first, Sonic Software is showing admirable maturity in its handling of ESB evolution. But will it follow through to the logical conclusion and leave the acronym behind ...

J2EE: the gloves are off
Aug 2nd: The current chair of the Apache Web Services project foresees a future without J2EE, and has just launched a software startup with a mission to make it happen ...

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