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Welcome to Loosely Coupled

The Loosely Coupled website provides news, commentary, resources and services for planning, deploying and managing loosely coupled business process automation.

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Loosely Coupled logoYou are welcome to link to content on our website. To highlight a link to our site (for example, if we have mentioned your company in an article), we recommend using the logo shown to the right. Simply right-click and 'Save Picture As ..' to save a copy.

Sitemap was founded in April 2002 and formally launched in June 2002. Practising what it preaches, the site is built entirely from hosted components and online services. It continues to evolve month after month. Content areas and services that are already operational include:

  • Added in August 2002, the home page provides an at-a-glance overview of key content from the site.
  • Feature articles — Launched February 2003, these weekly articles take a detailed look at management and strategy issues relating to on-demand services. View archives by date or by topic.
  • Aggregated news feeds — Loosely Coupled aggregates news and commentary daily from specialist sources around the Web, giving you an at-a-glance view of emerging news and debate.
  • News releases live feed — A continuously updated feed of press releases and news items from the industry. This feature was added April 2003.
  • Loosely Coupled weblog — daily commentary with links to notable events, trends and analysis in the world of on-demand web services. An archive index links to at-a-glance listings of each month's postings.
  • Comments page with latest comments and feedback from site visitors, including comments on specific articles, weblog postings and site features.
  • Links to resources — A growing directory of links to analysts, suppliers and events for on-demand web services. The latest addition, in December 2002, is the at-a-glance research directory, while the events directory made its debut in September 2002.
  • Glossary of topical acronyms and terms used by Loosely Coupled and other sites. Launched January 2003.
  • AppSwitching Diary — Background information, tips and tools for building and extending a website using hosted components and plug-in web services, based on the experience of the LooselyCoupled family of sites.
  • Advanced search — search by keyword, date and soundalike matching, across all pages on this site, plus related articles and archive material from and — totalling over 200 pages of editorial.
  • Services — A free weekly email digest of news, commentary and other content from the site is the first of a range of services available to site subscribers. Sign up using the sign-up box at top left of every page on the site. We respect your privacy and will not pass on your details.

Awards & recognition
Loosely Coupled weblog's RSS feed named as Feedster's 'Feed of the Day' in July 2004.
Award logo
October 2002 — Selected for an Editor's Choice Award as best web services link of the month by web services news and information site
August 2002 — Featured as a "Blog of Note" on the Blogger logo home page.

Technology partners
We are proud to be a user of world-class hosted components and services, including Xara Online database modules, Blogger Pro weblog editing, Atomz website search, Hitbox Professional traffic analysis, WorldPay secure online payment processing, DNS hosting from EasyDNS and shared web server hosting by Jumpline. We have an affiliate relationship with Xara Online.

Privacy policy
We will publish our formal privacy statement shortly. We respect your privacy. We do not track your site usage. To analyse visitor numbers, this site works with a third party that collects anonymous traffic data at this site (to find out more, please go to

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