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Weblog index for January 2004

This page shows the opening sentences of all weblog entries published this month, arranged in reverse date order. Click on any title to view the full entry.

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If you can't beat 'em ...
Jan 30th: Oracle threw in the towel this week and offered to connect with rival software suites, instead of trying to buy the companies that make them — or at least, having so far failed in its bid to buy Peoplesoft ...

Utility misconceptions
Jan 30th: It's time to disabuse people of the notion that utility computing is stuff that comes out of a socket in the wall, just like electricity. This very common misconception is founded on a false analogy, and it's one that leads to some dangerously misleading conclusions ...

How to share resources
Jan 29th: Last week, IBM published a set of specifications that aim to unify grid computing and web services. Most of the media chose to ignore this landmark event and instead reported 'yet another' standards battle between IBM and Microsoft ...

Jan 28th: I'm resuming posting to my weblog today after a brief hiaitus, which was due to several overlapping demands on my time coinciding with the transition to a new, in-house weblog publishing engine. Today is the first opportunity to resume publishing with enough leisure to make sure that everything is working as it should ...

It should just work
Jan 12th: Vendors will have to make utility computing much more accessible if they want to be successful, says IDC. That's because vendors must target smaller businesses if they want to come out on top, reports Network World, citing a recent IDC report ...

Hello world
Jan 8th: It seems appropriate that 2004 should kick off with the announcement of WS-Eventing, a new specification from Microsoft, BEA and Tibco that aims to set a standard for notifying services of real-world events ...

Services, meet process
Jan 7th: The current focus of most SOA development is the creation of more flexible systems. That's a fine objective, but it's only a staging post. It falls short because at heart it still regards a system as an inherently fixed structure, with some flexibility built in (or, in some even more unfortunate examples, merely bolted on) ...

Weblog changes
Jan 6th: Among my new year resolutions is to change to a new weblog publishing engine — and, indeed, to roll out a new look-and-feel to the entire Loosely Coupled website, based on structured XHTML code. This will remain a work-in-progress this month; and so you may notice one or two minor glitches on the site during the transition ...

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