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Weblog index for June 2005

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Why Sun bought SeeBeyond
Jun 30th: Acquiring SeeBeyond skews Sun's SOA strategy even more firmly into Java. That's fine if customers want to center their applications infrastructure on an all-Java strategy — plus Windows in places, since Sun's interoperability pact with Microsoft should safeguard the service interface to the .NET environment — but what if they want their SOA to embrace other platforms too, anything from legacy mainframe environments to the latest new ideas to emerge from the LAMP or grid communities? I know Java has the advantage of being a multi-vendor platform, at least in principle, so you could do a lot worse than standardize on Java ...

Making sense of AON
Jun 23rd: What does Cisco's AON announcement really mean for your SOA roadmap? A lot of enterprise architects must be scratching their heads over that question, now that Cisco has revealed details of AON, its application-oriented networking pitch, which I previewed last week ...

Waiting for Cisco
Jun 15th: This month's most momentous announcement in the SOA market will come next week when Cisco takes the wraps off its AON project. eWeek jumped the gun with an early story last Friday revealing new details (as yet unconfirmed by Cisco) of the AON products ...

Holes in AquaLogic
Jun 10th: Independent specialist vendors have filled important gaps in BEA's new AquaLogic announcements. Loosely Coupled has long argued that BEA would need to turn to SOA specialists if it was going to bring a credible SOA offering to market ...

SOA by any other name
Jun 8th: IBM Global Services' Michael Liebow notes in his latest WebServices.Org blog posting that SOA Momentum [Is] Building. But is reported customer adoption of SOA all that it seems? Analysts Robin Bloor and Judith Hurwitz were chatting about this recently, reports Robin in a column this week: "We both agreed that SOA is not well understood ...

Gorillas on the move
Jun 8th: Looks like I picked a good week to come back from vacation. HP and BEA are each at last unveiling their SOA offerings this week — HP went first Monday, BEA follows on Thursday ...

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