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Weblog index for December 2005

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Food for thought
Dec 31st: Here are 15 articles from around the Web that caught my eye during the year — many of them raising points or issues that I'd like to write more about but haven't yet had time to do so. Here are the references and short extracts, as recorded in my private 'clippings' blog during the year, along with my comments at the time (in italics) ...

Top blog postings in 2005
Dec 29th: Illustrating the lasting value of what you read here (that's the gloss I'm putting on it, anyway) this year's ten most popular postings include four from 2004 and one hardy perennial from 2003. Ranked in order of popularity (with last year's position shown in square parantheses), they are:

  1. J2EE: no longer required [1] (Nov 18th, 2004) The posting that got us slashdotted ...

Recasting architecture
Dec 5th: Architecture is more important than any individual vendor, said JP Rangaswami, CIO of global investment bank Dresdner Kleinwort Wasserstein, at a conclave of leading enterprise software practitioners held in London last week ...

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