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Weblog index for February 2004

This page shows the opening sentences of all weblog entries published this month, arranged in reverse date order. Click on any title to view the full entry.

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Global reality
Feb 26th: One sure sign that people are getting into real-world web services projects is when you start to see timezone awareness creeping into web services management products. So I was quite excited when I saw that the latest release of AmberPoint's Service Level Manager has added a 'Business Agreement Calendaring' function ...

Enterprise messaging
Feb 23rd: There is no alternative to messaging. Your only choice is good messaging or bad messaging. This insight came to me as I responded to a question posed during editing of Loosely Coupled's latest feature article, Going halfway to SOA ...

Only connect
Feb 23rd: Separate interviews with Adam Bosworth and John Shewchuk this week share modularity as a strong theme in common ...

Not as intended
Feb 20th: How do we stop the software development process from getting in the way of making productive use of IT? There is a wonderful interview with Charles Simonyi — who headed up the early development of Excel and Word at Microsoft — about this topic on CNET today: Software to cut the digital fat ...

Only transform
Feb 17th: Using Pro2xslt to transform Atom into RSS 2.0 neatly demonstrates the philosophy of loosely coupled systems, and illustrates the benefits compared to traditional approaches ...

RSS from Blogger
Feb 13th: There are so many ways of getting an RSS feed from a Blogger weblog that I can't understand why people are making such a fuss about Blogger's recent adoption of Atom as its syndication format. Have these people never heard of transformation ...

Identity comes first
Feb 13th: If you're concerned enough about web services to want to manage them, then you'll be even more concerned to control who gets access to them. That's the rationale advanced by Oblix for its acquisition of Confluent — as reported in this week's Loosely Coupled feature article, Beating a path from identity to services — and I'm sure it's an accurate analysis ...

eBay adds SOAP
Feb 12th: A year ago, there would have been a big fuss over eBay's announcement this week that it will add SOAP and Java APIs to its third-party integration options. Instead, there's been a muted reaction — partly because the announcement was expected, and those who knew it was coming will save their excitement until the APIs are published — mainly because SOAP is now such an accepted part of the landscape that its advent was more or less inevitable ...

Consolidation runs amok
Feb 4th: The impending acquisition of Confluent Software by Oblix has thrown a spanner in the works of analysts' neat predictions ...

Plugging into the bus-fabric
Feb 4th: Systinet's CTO Adam Blum has been writing in his weblog about a concept he calls the web services bus (or if you prefer, the services infrastructure fabric, or a range of other take-your-pick names) ...

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