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Weblog index for February 2005

This page shows the opening sentences of all weblog entries published this month, arranged in reverse date order. Click on any title to view the full entry.

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Naming the leaders in SOA management
Feb 18th: Loosely Coupled this week launched its first standalone report, the SOA Management 2005 Report. The 40-page document gives detailed evaluations of 14 SOA management vendors, and also includes case studies, a market overview, and other valuable information ...

Indigo elbows out Green
Feb 17th: It looks like Indigo will be out just in the nick of time. Microsoft last week revealed that it will start previewing code for Indigo, its web services-based interoperability framework for Windows, in early April (the target date is sometime between March 38th and 43rd, according to Microsoft SVP Eric Rudder, speaking to delegates at VSLive! conference in San Francisco) ...

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