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Weblog index for May 2004

This page shows the opening sentences of all weblog entries published this month, arranged in reverse date order. Click on any title to view the full entry.

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Condensing vapor
May 28th: With a name like 'Liquid Computing', you'd think BEA would try to avoid accusations that its newly launched SOA strategy is just so much vaporware. But its composition still seems to be more promise than substance ...

May 26th: The lack of new content here recently has been due to my small band of colleagues and I overstretching ourselves during the launch of our monthly paid newsletter. I'm bringing this out in the open to signal a fresh start, marked by the publication on the site today of a new feature article, Adding policy to integration, which is our first since March ...

Primordial soup
May 7th: As the new universe of Internet computing begins to cool after its explosive beginning, some of its most prominent features are beginning to take shape. Google's Supercomputer is an important early example, writes Jon Udell ...

Throat to choke
May 5th: SAP has become the latest vendor to announce support for SOA while in the same breath contradicting one of the foundation principles of a service-oriented architecture. The company's CEO and co-founder, Henning Kagermann, met with journalists last week to preview a three-year development plan to be outlined at its Sapphire conference this month ...

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