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Weblog index for March 2005

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Why Oracle bought Oblix
Mar 30th: It's gratifying to see Oracle endorsing several aspects of our analysis of the SOA management market with its purchase of Oblix this week. Here are three of the findings we published in our SOA Management 2005 Report, which we published in early February ...

Software-powered services
Mar 22nd: The move to SOA has a lot in common with certain forms of what is known as SaaS — in particular those being discussed at today's SDForum event in Santa Clara. It's great to see so many leaders in the field brought together for an event that has quite rightly sold out ...

SOA mobcast
Mar 18th: Imagine hundreds of people gathering online to debate one of the most contentious topics in the SOA community, led by ZapThink's high-octane analysts, Ron Schmelzer and Jason Bloomberg. At issue during what could turn out to be a landmark web event is the thorny question of ESB and whether it really is a worthy foundation for SOA ...

Missing layers of SOA
Mar 3rd: Attention is starting to shift from the lower levels of SOA — where people argue about ESB, SOAP vs REST, security and other message-level minutiae — up to layers that merit a lot more thought than they've so far enjoyed in SOA debate. I'm talking here about things like registry, policy, governance, semantics and — most important of them all — business process management ...

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