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A growing portfolio of services is available to users of the Loosely Coupled website, delivering our content direct to your inbox, desktop, website or intranet portal, and making it easier for you to submit your own content back to the site. The range includes regular email bulletins, syndicated headlines and content via RSS or JavaScript, and a variety of tools you can embed in your own desktop or web pages, such as the remote glossary lookup.


Loosely Coupled regularly publishes briefing notes and special reports from our analysts on issues of importance to business decision-makers, enterprise architects and other early adopters of SOA and business process automation. Delivered electronically in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format, you can download our publications immediately on payment.

Email bulletins

Loosely Coupled publishes a free weekly email bulletin, so you can keep up to date with the latest developments in on-demand services even if you don't have time to visit the site. Delivered at the end of every week, it provides a timely digest of news, commentary and other content from the site.

View past issues in the online archive, or via the archive index.

Sign up by submitting your email address in the box at the top of the left-hand column on this page.

Syndicated feeds

You can subscribe to headline feeds from various sections of the Loosely Coupled site using an RSS reader. Several additional feeds, including combination feeds, will be introduced in the near future. Currently, these are the feeds that are available:

Name (links to section homepage)RSS
Link to feedJavaScript
option *
Loosely Coupled weblog0.92RSS source6h, 3d
Loosely Coupled news aggregator0.92RSS source5d
Loosely Coupled news releases live feed2.0RSS source6h
Loosely Coupled feature articles2.0RSS source3d
Loosely Coupled glossary2.0RSS source-
AppSwitching Diary (currently dormant)0.92RSS source-
* JavaScript options are in beta and subject to change. The number shown is the number of items in the feed, and the letter indicates whether they are provided as headlines only (h) or as headlines plus truncated descriptions (d).

JavaScript options are JavaScript files that can be embedded in any web page using an HTML script command, for example:

<script src=""></script>


A number of Loosely Cuupled services can be embedded in an external web page, for example on your own desktop or in an intranet portal or website, including the JavaScript options of our syndicated feeds, described above.

Directory listings and submission forms from our resources section, such as events and research, and from the news release archive, are also delivered as JavaScript, and can be embedded in the same way, as described in a footnote here.

The glossary lookup tool allows you to look up glossary definitions wherever you're working, by any one of three alternative routes:

  1. Via Javascript bookmarklet, as described currently on the glossary highlights page. The bookmarklet code is easily editable for those who want to vary it, or to adapt it for browser platforms other than Internet Explorer. The default setup has the extra term "&df=s" which selects a short format suitable for a popup window. Omitting this (by deleting the characters +'&df=s' from the code) will result in a full page format appearing instead.

  2. Via a simple HTTP-GET query, as for example in the following form:

    When creating the form, set the name of the input text as q, and the action as, like this:

    <form method="get"
    <input type="text" size="24" name="q" value="" />
    <input type="submit" value="lookup" /></form>

  3. By typing the term you want to search for straight into your browser's address bar, preceded by, for example:
    or coupling.


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