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Weblog index for April 2004

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Reconfiguring business
Apr 28th: It takes extra effort to build choice into a software application, so developers tend to think carefully before adding configuration options, as Sean McGrath describes in the latest of his columns for IT World, The mysteries of flexible software ...

Why Tibco bought Staffware
Apr 23rd: BPM vendors and their stakeholders will be delighted that Tibco Software paid a 40-percent premium to buy Staffware yesterday ...

SOA bandwagon
Apr 23rd: There was an unseemly scramble among big-name vendors this week, all eager to be seen aboard the SOA bandwagon. IBM had extensively trailed its big announcement, and BEA and Microsoft were both keen to grab some of the limelight ...

SOA management top 10
Apr 22nd: For the launch of our new monthly newsletter, we've named the companies we rank as the top 10 SOA management vendors. Here they are, in alphabetical order:
  • Actional
  • AmberPoint
  • Blue Titan
  • Computer Associates
  • HP
  • Infravio
  • Oblix
  • Systinet
  • webMethods
  • Westbridge Technology

Living on maintenance
Apr 15th: In just a few years' time, today's top enterprise software vendors could face a life of penury, living off shrinking maintenance revenues from a dwindling band of customer laggards. Their halcyon days are already past, and two big trends threaten to divorce them from their current market ...

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