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Pa de deux
Aug 20th: I've been taking some paternity leave following the birth of twin sons last week, so please excuse the lack of updates to the site (three of us are off due to maternity/paternity at present). Things should be back to normal in the next day or so (on the site, at least: these are my first children, so life at home is transitioning to a very different kind of 'normal' than I've been used to for the past twenty-five years of adult life) ...

The quest for KISS
Aug 9th: Adam Bosworth's latest call to "keep it really simple, really lightweight, and really fast" resonated instantly with several influential voices over the weekend ...

Which SOA platform?
Aug 5th: Vendors of application servers, enterprise software suites and EAI middleware each claim to offer the foundations for building an SOA. But there's a catch, as Loosely Coupled reader Brian Salzman writes in a comment posted to the site this week ...

More on ESB
Aug 3rd: The important point that ESB makes is that you need to have a messaging fabric underlying an SOA. But that messaging fabric doesn't have to be an enterprise service bus. If the scope of your SOA is very limited, then you may be able to get by with just a few point-to-point links ...

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