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Weblog index for October 2004

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Weekly notes
Oct 29th: SOA meets on-demand; entities with identity; BPM/BPEL news and Jeff Tonkel's new blog; November 3rd. This posting is intended to be the first of a regular weekly feature, in which I'll be doing a round-up of items that caught my interest during the week. I see so many things each week that I want to comment on, but rarely get the chance ...

London rendezvous
Oct 22nd: There's a chance to meet up with CxOs and enterprise architects to swap SOA war stories at an informal evening next month in London. The theme is "loosely coupling the enterprise," so naturally Loosely Coupled is co-sponsoring the event ...

Actional, Westbridge merge
Oct 18th: The merger of Actional and Westbridge, announced today, signals that we have now entered a strong phase of early-stage consolidation among web services infrastructure vendors. This is different from what I would dismiss as the 'phantom' consolidation phase we saw last summer, when HP and CA each bought a couple of also-rans, which I would say was more a case of larger vendors floundering around, trying to buy some cheap tickets to get on board on what they could see was an emerging bandwagon ...

Amazon to charge for services
Oct 6th: No one has yet established a successful model of charging for on-demand services. Amazon aims to change all that, it seems, with the launch next year of Alexa Web Information Service (AWIS), which it announced in beta this week: "AWIS will be offered at no charge during the beta phase ...

Rips in the Web 2.0 fabric
Oct 5th: "In a tornado, the correct marketing strategy ... is to ignore the customer!" writes Geoffrey Moore in his business classic, Inside The Tornado (the follow-up to Crossing The Chasm) ...

Charter ad opportunity
Oct 5th: Loosely Coupled is offering a limited set of charter advertising packages this quarter, and visitors will start to see ads appearing from our advertisers in the next few days. There are a couple of packages still available — we are limiting the number of charter advertisers to just five, although other advertisers can still book any of our standard advertising options, subject to availability ...

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