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Weblog index for September 2005

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Who will buy BEA?
Sep 28th: If all that talk at BEAWorld about thawing frozen assets leaves you cold, here are some hot tips on who's most likely to warm things up by liquefying BEA's own assets in a takeover bid ...

Get set for change time
Sep 27th: After design time and runtime comes change time, the most important stage of the lifecycle in a service-oriented architecture. Services have to operate in the real world, where nothing can be taken for granted and nothing is set in stone. That's why they have to be loosely coupled ...

Composing hosted services
Sep 23rd: Service assembly is finally showing up on the radar as an issue in service-oriented architectures, but in an interesting and perhaps revealing spin, some of the most telling examples are surfacing from the realm of hosted services ...

IBM goes for the ESB lock-in
Sep 14th: More than an architectural design pattern, ESB as a product makes for an effective vendor lock-in strategy, as IBM acknowledged yesterday with the launch of not one but two products bearing the ESB label ...

Microsoft explodes the ESB
Sep 8th: I've always railed against ESB as a concept, but it's still nice to find Microsoft echoing my point of view. According to an official Microsoft position paper previewed on his blog by BizTalk product manager Scott Woodgate, ESB is an "ambiguous term" for a "transitional technology." Posted on August 1st, these remarks went relatively unnoticed until eWeek's Darryl Taft used them as the basis for a news report last week (it being a quiet week for news) ...

Why BEA bought Plumtree
Sep 1st: Plumtree's CEO John Kunze said one of the stupidest things last week about BEA's acquisition of his company, according to eWeek's report: "[He] said the two software stacks 'can now be used side by side to build composite apps ...

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