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This page lists all feature articles published on the Loosely Coupled website this year, arranged in reverse date order.

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January 2006

Is it time to build in BPM?
Jan 16th: Some vendors say business process management should be built into applications rather than bought as a separate product. more


December 2005

SOA immaturity dogs early adopters
Dec 7th: The gap between vision and reality in SOA tools and best practice is putting pressure on organizations as they implement projects. more


November 2005

Oracle gets on with its SOA knitting
Nov 25th: Oracle is pressing ahead with a grand plan to integrate its SOA stack, even while adding more acquisitions. more

Here come the change architects
Nov 7th: SOA can only deliver business agility if it's built to adapt to changing demands throughout the lifetime of the architecture. more


October 2005

Vendor frameworks exploit gaps in BPEL
Oct 10th: Proprietary implementations will undermine the openness of BPEL-based business process orchestration in an SOA. more


September 2005

Profiting from service reuse
Sep 19th: Rearden Commerce hosts a composite application platform that lets enterprises consume and potentially resell business services. more

SOA to boost business process projects
Sep 5th: Service-oriented architectures can help BPM projects realize the dream of continuous process improvement, say vendors. more


August 2005

Synapse to spark web services connections
Aug 22nd: Apache-sponsored Synapse open-source project aims to build a universal web services intermediary. more

AON takes integration to the wire
Aug 11th: XML-aware network devices within a service-oriented infrastructure can make integration simpler, faster, cheaper more


July 2005

Business focus to broaden appeal of SOA
Jul 11th: If SOA can bridge the gap between business need and technology intent, then SMBs might just be interested. more


June 2005

EII helps BI adapt to SOA
Jun 27th: Enterprise information integration (EII) brings real-time web services into business intelligence (BI) tools, but at a cost. more

Weak governance haunts SOAs
Jun 6th: Making sure that developers adhere to corporate policies in an SOA requires imaginative compliance and incentive systems. more


April 2005

Oracle keeps on buying into SOA
Apr 4th: Buying Oblix has plugged important gaps in Oracle's SOA strategy, putting it temporarily ahead of competitors IBM, HP and SAP. more


March 2005

Laying the foundations for SOA
Mar 18th: Enterprises implementing SOA aim to maximize the benefits while minimizing unforeseen burdens. more


February 2005

Vendors vie to reign in services
Feb 23rd: The emerging SOA management market is a battleground between best-of-breed specialists and established enterprise-wide infrastructure vendors. more


January 2005

Registry holds the keys to SOA success
Jan 31st: Early adopters extend registries beyond the core UDDI standard to provide vital SOA governance and information sharing. more


December 2004

SAP defers key SOA decisions
Dec 21st: Enterprise application vendors including SAP have delayed finalizing their strategies for the finer aspects of SOA, such as web services management. more


November 2004

Security rules in SOA management
Nov 24th: Early adopters who deploy web services monitoring and management want to see it closely integrated with effective identity management and perimeter security. more


October 2004

Extending the scope of SOA management
Oct 27th: SOA management vendors are extending their product offerings with strategic acquisitions and partnerships. more

Web services without warranties
Oct 4th: Enterprises risk becoming dependent on service providers that provide no SLAs or support desks and interoperate poorly. more


September 2004

Risking it all on a start-up supplier
Sep 20th: The process when buying from specialist start-up vendors is one of minimizing rather than eliminating risk. more


August 2004

Grid lock-in on route to SOA
Aug 31st: Immature and incomplete standards for sharing grid computing resources could leave enterprises locked into vendors' proprietary technology stacks. more


July 2004

BEA weighed web services buy
Jul 28th: Established vendors across systems management, identity management, application infrastructure and EAI are eager to buy into web services management. more


June 2004

Solving the web services identity crisis
Jun 22nd: The objective of loosely coupled integration is often completely lost when security integration is added. more


May 2004

Adding policy to integration
May 26th: When process automation falters because of unnoticed errors, having preset policies in place can keep things running smoothly. more


March 2004

Hedging your bets on SOA
Mar 22nd: WebMethods has assembled an infrastructure offering that is designed to offer its customers a roadmap into SOA. more


February 2004

Going halfway to SOA
Feb 23rd: Standards-based messaging allows flexible integration without having to roll out an enterprise-wide services architecture. more

Beating a path from identity to services
Feb 10th: Oblix says enterprises get control of identity management before they begin managing web services. It bought Confluent so it can offer both. more


January 2004

Management tools raise privacy alarms
Jan 14th: Management tools that drill down to detailed web services data may inadvertently expose sensitive information. more


December 2003

Bringing services closer to users
Dec 29th: New software tools aim to make services more accessible to business analysts and users when assembling composite applications. more

Fit for web services management
Dec 17th: Some enterprises are finding that smaller, specialist web services management vendors offer a better match for their needs than the better-known names. more

Information access waits on ID standards
Dec 5th: Accurate user identity information is the key to security when linking up systems, but emerging standards leave customers in a dilemma. more


November 2003

In search of business architects
Nov 17th: The latest enterprise software empowers business people to rearchitect the way they run their operations; but who among them has the necessary skills? more

Defining web services management
Nov 10th: Vendors define web services management to play to their individual strengths and mask the gaps in their product portfolios. more


October 2003

Integrating information at the desktop
Oct 27th: New services-based approaches are empowering business users with real-time access to enterprise information resources. more

Business users challenge vendor ties
Oct 20th: Vendor-centric web services strategies may not meet the needs of enterprises who run a mix of packaged software suites. more

BEA stakes future on SOA adoption
Oct 13th: BEA hopes to persuade customers moving to SOA to standardize on its WebLogic platform for end-to-end development, deployment and integration. more


September 2003

Service reuse unlocks hidden value
Sep 29th: Service-oriented architectures and tools free up functionality in legacy systems for reuse in productivity-enhancing applications. more

Top vendors buy into SOA management
Sep 16th: CA and HP have beefed up their SOA management capabilities by acquiring technologies and skills from web services startups. more

Building real-time sales channels
Sep 10th: By bringing together disparate functions into composite applications, businesses are streamlining partner and customer interactions. more


August 2003

Measuring services in a business context
Aug 27th: IT and business stakeholders have to work together to define realistic service level criteria for commercial web services. more

Bridging the gap between .NET and J2EE
Aug 7th: Connecting .NET and Java web services isn't as hard as people expect, but embracing both platforms has its pitfalls. more


July 2003

IBM, CA square up to HP on management
Jul 30th: Standards efforts on web services management may ultimately bring interoperability across the full spectrum of systems management software. more

Getting to grips with web services
Jul 24th: To stay on top of diversity, unpredictability and change in web services deployments, early adopters are prioritizing services management. more

ESB adopters look beyond integration
Jul 16th: The standards-based messaging of ESB lowers the cost and complexity of integration, so businesses can concentrate on process improvements. more

Tactical projects need agile management
Jul 10th: Abandoning mega IT projects in favor of multiple short implementations brings advantages, provided long-term objectives stay in focus. more

Bringing it all together
Jul 2nd: Choreography directs the connections between separate application resources to create productive business processes. more


June 2003

Composite approach lifts integration woes
Jun 25th: Web services standards are freeing composite applications from their proprietary past, but assembling them still requires care and skill. more

Slow progress on web services management
Jun 16th: HP, IBM and CA have ambitious plans for adding web services capabilities to their IT management offerings, but progress will be slow. more

More legacy gain than pain with SOA
Jun 9th: Despite doubts about the security and reliability of linking to legacy systems with web services, standardization promises to ease integration pains. more

Integration: Free at last?
Jun 3rd: EAI software vendors are repositioning their offerings to adjust to web services standardization, but their ultimate role is unclear. more


May 2003

Sending an unmistakeable message
May 28th: Standards-based messaging eases the migration to more flexible architectures, but in production environments, reliability is critical. more

Managing the unexpected
May 19th: Managing web services requires tools and techniques that organizations have not yet acquired. more

Integration that defies EAI convention
May 12th: In the right conditions, service-oriented approaches deliver integration for far less money and effort than traditional EAI. more

Solving the 'last mile' challenge of B2B
May 6th: Technology is only half the story when automating B2B procurement. Business issues are critical factors in a project's success. more


April 2003

Clothing manufacturer tames payables
Apr 29th: Nygard automated longstanding manual processes when it used web services to link its manufacturing and finance systems. more

Bringing .NET to Main Street
Apr 29th: Software vendors in the midmarket are united in porting to .NET but divided over how readily smaller businesses will embrace web services. more

SIs adjust to living without integration
Apr 23rd: Standards-based integration no longer requires specialist skills, so systems integrators are having to prove their worth to customers in new ways. more

Tactics, not strategy, drive SOA adoption
Apr 15th: Enterprises are adopting web services for short-term benefits. Defining an SOA strategy comes later, if at all. more

No single path to web services security
Apr 7th: Web services require a new layer of security that companies don't have at the moment. Getting it right takes more than just putting in an XML firewall. more


March 2003

Can BizTalk bring process to the masses?
Mar 31st: Microsoft would have you believe its large installed base leaves BizTalk Server perfectly positioned to broaden the market for business process orchestration. more

Radical promise of BPM
Mar 24th: Business process management is spawning a radical approach to IT and a new class of BPMS vendor. But for some, the shock of the new may be too much to take. more

SI packages lack customer appeal
Mar 17th: SI's web services environments look to offer customers a cost-effective route into application development. But why should customers buy into them in the first place? more

SAP reaches out with xApps
Mar 3rd: SAP says its new xApps provide 'snap-on' business process agility across multiple environments -- but they require more behind-the-scenes investment than the hype suggests. more


February 2003

Too few web services to manage
Feb 26th: Low take-up has led web services management vendors to talk up the integration and instrumentation capabilities of their products within a broader SOA context. more

UDDI finds a role after all
Feb 20th: Two years after the fanfare of its introduction, UDDI adoption levels remain low. But users are beginning to see UDDI directories filling a practical role. more

Enterprise vendors fall short on integration
Feb 17th: Packaged enterprise software vendors have begun to web service enable their products, but leave customers struggling to manage inter-application integration. more

Training for a web services future
Feb 10th: Developer skills programs are emerging for web services. They tackle not only basic programming but also higher-level architecture and business issues more

Will businesses buy into ebXML?
Feb 6th: The UN-backed standard ebXML is promoted as a platform for automating business-to-business (B2B) process integration. But businesses remain wary. more

EAI? Keep it simple, says BT
Feb 3rd: BT is not only a supplier of web services, but also an early adopter within its own internal systems. Its head of systems integration relates the lessons of its in-house experiences. more

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