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Submit a release

Use this form to submit a press release or news item for inclusion in Loosely Coupled's live feed and listing of breaking news items from the web services and business process industries. See below for guidelines.


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Submission guidelines

Anyone can submit an item. Our editors will review submissions, normally within one working day, and publish those that meet our criteria. The news must be about suppliers, products or services that are primarily concerned with (rather than incidental to) web services or business process management. You must include a URL link to a page with further information about the item (eg a press release). Items submitted with a future publication date will be treated as embargoed until the specified date (subject to * Disclaimer of liability below).

You are only required to enter a release date, URL, headline and summary. But we will like you more if you complete the other fields, too.

Press release

Please select 'Other news item' if there is no press release for this item.

Release date

Give the date the news becomes public (usually the date of the accompanying press release), in the format DD MM YYYY (eg 31 10 2003). If you enter a date in the future, we will not publish the item until that date (but see * Disclaimer of liability below).

Release time

Select a release time if you want your release to be published after a certain time of day (eg when financial markets open, or after markets close — see * Disclaimer of liability below). The four options translated into selected local timezones are as follows:
(US East coast)
(US West coast)
(East Asia)
  8:00 am  3:00 am  midnight4:00 pm
  1:00 pm  8:00 am  5:00 am9:00 pm
  4:00 pm 11:00 am  8:00 ammidnight (next day)
 10:00 pm  5:00 pm  2:00 pm6:00 am (next day)

News category

Please select an appropriate category (leave unselected if unsure):

  • Alliance — linking up with other companies or groups
  • Corporate — financial, personnel, expansion, acquisitions, speeches, etc
  • Customer — customer wins or achievements
  • Education — training programs and seminars
  • Product — product or service offerings
  • Recognition — awards, reviews, prizes
  • Standards — specification proposals


Select 'business process' or 'web services', according to the main focus of your company or product. Only select 'both' if the news item gives both topics equal weight. Leave unselected if unsure.

URL for item

Enter the URL of the press release for this news item, or if there's no press release, link to a page with further details about the item. Our editors will visit this URL to verify the information.


Paste in the headline from the press release. If there's no press release, make up a simple descriptive headline.


If the press release has a subhead, paste it in here. Otherwise leave blank.


Paste in a paragraph or more, summarizing the main points of the news item. For example, the first paragraph plus selected other sentences from a press release. Please use unformatted text (our form doesn't convert HTML coding), and remove any special characters (eg trademark signs). We prefer concise, content-rich copy rather than spurious marketing claims, and we reserve the right to edit descriptions for style and content — but we prefer if you write it so we don't have to.

Issued by

Give the name of the company whose news this is. Give the full name, but don't include the Corp, Inc, Ltd, etc.


Click this button to see how your information will look when visitors click on the "more" option in our listing. The preview appears in a separate window. Keep this window open while you correct any errors using the form, and then refresh it by clicking preview again.

Additional comments

Before you press the "submit" button, use this box to enter any private information or questions for our editorial team. For example, if the URL for your press release is not yet live, or will change later, you can tell us here.

Intranet use

Feel free to embed the form in your own intranet page so that it's always at hand. Simply cut-and-paste the following line of html at the point where you want the form to appear:

<script src=""></script>

* Disclaimer of liability

We will take every precaution to protect the confidentiality of information you submit to us, using impeccable procedures, trustworthy staff and great software. But there's always the chance that, despite our very best endeavours, some human error or software glitch will let us down. So if you feel you would suffer financial loss as a result of a premature release of information due to a failure of our systems or procedures, please don't submit in advance.

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