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Worksoft is a platinum charter advertiser on the Loosely Coupled website, in summer 2005. The information below has been provided by Worksoft.

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Worksoft. Test faster with NO scripting.The price of software defect is estimated at $59.5 billion. Pressures to increase time to market, combined with restrictive budgets and understaffing have resulted in 75% of applications failing to be properly tested. This results in the staggering consequences of customer dissatisfaction and increased downtime, ultimately leading to a loss of brand image, loss of revenue and increased recovery costs.

Worksoft's Progression Testing solution, Certify, has caused a complete paradigm shift in the test automation solutions market. In the past, automation required that test cases be documented by business and quality analysts, and then translated into a specialized scripting language by programmers. Certify changes all that. Instead of a cryptic programming language, Worksoft offers a comprehensive software testing solution that can be used by expert users who know the business. Now analysts can point and click to document and automate their test cases in one easy step, reducing the time and cost of automation by 60% or more.

No scripts means no recording, programming, testing, debugging and — especially — maintenance of scripts. Certify allows you to focus on coverage instead of coding.

Certify's advanced design collapses the training and implementation effort, supporting the rapid product release cycles that are becoming the rule. Equally important, it provides change detection and impact analysis to automatically update processes when changes are made to critical applications.

Certify is more than an automation solution. Its powerful, proven methodology, optimizes your test process to reduce risk effectively and efficiently. Its extensive reporting capabilities enable management to track progress and measure results throughout the complete test life cycle.

Worksoft Certify is ideal for companies that have yet to automate testing, and also serves as a superior solution for companies with existing automated test solutions.

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