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This page shows answers to frequently asked questions about advertising and sponsorship at Loosely Coupled

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Frequently asked questions

What do you count as an impression?
An impression means a visitor has viewed a page on which your ad is published. We use the independent traffic analysis service HitBox to measure impressions, which ensures our figures aren't distorted by robots or harvesters. You only pay for impressions viewed by live visitors in their browser.

How many impressions should I book?
We recommend booking 1000 impressions per month for keyword ads and up to 5000 impressions per month for display ads.

Which are your most popular pages?
Every month, we publish rankings of our most popular feature articles and glossary definition pages. Our home page receives thousands of impressions each month. A popular article or glossary definition will get many hundred impressions in a month, but some older articles or more esoteric definitions may only get a few dozen.

How soon will my ad appear?
We update ads to our published pages each day at approximately midnight GMT, and sometimes during the day as well. If you're anxious for your ad to appear as soon as possible, you should select today's date as the starting date. Even if we publish your ad during the day, we won't start counting impressions until midnight.

Why don't you update statistics more often?
Until we automate our statistics routine, it isn't practical for us to update stats more frequently than twice a week. If you need statistics at other times, please email us and we'll see what we can do.

Can I change my ad?
You can alter the wording of your ad or change it to a different selection of keywords at any time. We'll soon be automating this process so you can do it online. In the meantime, email your changes to

How are keywords selected for each page?
Our editors allocate up to five keywords to a story or opinion piece when it is published. The keywords are published in the information box for each item and link to glossary definitions. So you always know which keywords link to a specific page. Later on, we may add the option of running your ad on pages based on automated semantic matching (similar to Google AdSense), if our advertisers tell us they'd like to use that option.

Why can't I pay per click?
We have plans to introduce a pay-per-click option, in which you're charged according to how many times visitors click on your ad to visit your site. If you tell us you'd like to advertise using that payment model, then we'll accelerate our plans.

What can I advertise?
Ads should be relevant to Loosely Coupled's content. We will refuse ads that link to sites promoting illegal or antisocial behavior.

I have another question
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