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CXO Systems was the first platinum charter advertiser on the Loosely Coupled website, in Q4 2004. Its support has sponsored enhancements to Loosely Coupled's news section, including the launch of the news archive and additional planned improvements to the headline news page. The information below has been provided by CXO Systems.

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CXO Systems — web services based dashboards for business visibility

CXO Systems logo
The software company for senior managers
CXO Systems is the leading software provider of business visibility systems. By addressing the specific needs of senior managers, CXO Systems is helping some of the world's leading companies and government agencies make real-time decisions that impact bottom-line results.

Industry solutions

We provide industry specific visibility software solutions for managing:

No other software company provides these tailored solutions at the speed and price we can deliver them for you. Whether you manage risk, research, outsourcing, or operations you need CXO Systems.

Outsource Service Management

Meeting the potential of an outsourcing relationship
Outsourcing is big and getting bigger. Yet more than 50% of outsourcing contracts are canceled within the first 3 years. Whether you are the outsourcer or the outsourcee, you are faced with a series a challenges by having two companies oversee a single process:

  • Can you measure the performance of your outsourcing relationships tied to accurate and objective measurement of SLAs?
  • Can you accurately control costs while increasing efficiency of your multi-sourcing/service relationships?
  • Do you have the visibility and governance over the delivery of the outsourced services real-time?
  • Are you retaining your customers and providing visibility into the outsourced relationship they require?

In order to capture both the cost savings and the increased quality that outsourcing can provide, you need the proper tools to gain a unified, single-view of the shared process.

Research & Sales

Increasing the value and impact of research
The last two years has seen wholesale changes occur within the large global investment banks with the separation of the research function from that of investment banking. The research function now has to function as an independent profit not cost center. The role of technology can be used to automate these new cross-process based relationships by effecting change. Change can be seen in the questions that the banks and research managers are forced to ask themselves. Questions like:

  • Does your research matter? You know it does — but is that demonstrated day-in and day-out within your research organization, sales organization, and with your customers? You need to accurately demonstrate the ROI that research is providing to the rest of the organization.
  • Can you tie your performance to the sales performance of the institutional sales representatives of your organization? Can you demonstrate the increase in sales volume?
  • Can you empirically recognize the attributes and behaviors that increase performance of your research analysts?
  • Can you judge analyst performance internally and externally in real-time?

The research world is changing, the stakes are higher, you need new tools to help you run your research organization more effectively.

Enterprise Risk Management

Maximize risk adjusted return through visibility
Large enterprise corporations, financial institutions and energy companies share one thing in common — risk intensive operations. Faced now with increased regulations, laws and other compliance requirements, the need manage risk and to monitor its impact across the organization in order to effect change is imperative. And, the ability to create a healthy risk portfolio can only be done by managing interdependencies. This is how companies gain strategic competitive advantage. The ability to measure and monitor key performance indicators in right-time can ensure your business stays in business and grows.

  • What are the firm's top 10 risks?
  • What are the key exposures and trends for credit, market, and operational risks?
  • Is the firm in compliance with internal policies, laws, and regulations?
  • Were the majority of the firms' actual losses and incidents identified and available to management on a timely basis?
  • Is the business being managed on a risk-adjusted profitability basis?

With a single view, executives can now ensure regulatory compliance and improve business and risk performance — responding in right-time.

CXO Systems software architecture

Before CXO Systems, building applications to provide dashboard views of information was expensive and complex. It involved weaving together business intelligence tools, hard wired to applications to port data through enterprise application integration (EAI) into a data warehouse. The result was stale information that cost money to store and manage. Worse, CXOs could not get the data they needed to make "right-time" decisions.

CXO Systems has created the first and patent-pending architecture that enables any user via their dashboard application to access data from anywhere in right-time. CXO Systems has applied the principle of distribution that has typically been applied to the network and has applied it to the business intelligence and integration software market. The result is the CXO System 3.2, the first platform to manage distributed intelligence.

CXO Systems provides the essential system and application software to create one touch visibility to real-time distributed information for dashboard consumers and producers in one platform:

  • Grab any piece of data, wherever it resides;
  • Integrate that data (without a new data warehouse) into one view;
  • Transform that data into information; and
  • Present that information in a consumable format for the CXO.

CXO Systems Utilizes a New Approach:
  • Better, Faster, Cheaper. New approach in integrating distributed information assets for one-touch dashboard views. Fraction of the cost. Fraction of the time. Unmatched flexibility.
  • Donít Fight Information Silos with More Silos. Real-time business intelligence must overcome information silos. CXO Systems provides messaging-based BI vs the traditional repository-based BI. No more data warehouses. No more EAI.
  • The Power of Virtual Integration. "Soft vs hard" integration for managing distributed information. Loosely-coupled web-services architecture.

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