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Composite Software is a new charter advertiser on the Loosely Coupled website in summer 2005. The information below has been provided by Composite Software.

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Composite Software — the acknowledged leader in Enterprise Information Integration

Composite Software logoComposite Software offers award-winning Enterprise Information Integration (EII) software that enables enterprises to aggregate disparate data sources. With the Composite information Server, you can deliver a greater breadth of data and information in real time to business intelligence tools and a variety of composition applications such as call center and customer self-help systems. Composite features patent-pending IQ (Intelligent Query) optimization technology, which enables the highest performance in the industry. In addition, Composite is renowned for its ease-of-use, enabling users to quickly implement solutions with immediate business benefits.

Composite products

Composite Information Server
The Composite Information Server (CIS) is a multi-threaded, 100-percent Java application that contains the query engine, library of views, cache and metadata repository; CIS also handles security.

Composite Studio
The Composite Studio is a powerful graphical development environment for modeling data, designing queries, connecting data sources, and setting security controls.

Composite Application Views
Composite Application Views unlock your information from SAP, Siebel, and PeopleSoft. Views decode application data, exposing it as standard relational tables. This allows you to query, and even update, complex applications directly. Unlike simple adapters, views expose critical business objects from SAP, Siebel, and PeopleSoft in a standard format to common reporting tools such as Excel, Cognos, Business Objects, and homegrown applications. Views can have immediate impact on your BI, dashboard, or composite application projects.


Network Computing Well-Connected Award
The Composite Information Server received Network Computing's Well-Connected Award for an outstanding and distinctive product in the EII Platform, Network Application category. The Composite Information Server received the highest ratings based on Network Computing's evaluation of data integration, data management, interface administration, price and reliability.

Composite Software Named a Red Herring 100 Company
Composite Software was named one of the Red Herring 100 Private Companies of North America. Red Herring's lists of private companies are an important part of the magazine's tradition of identifying new and innovative technology companies and entrepreneurs. Composite Software was among those named for emerging as the brightest stars in the business universe.

Fifth Annual eWeek Excellence Award
Composite Software received eWeek's Well-Connected Award in the Analytics and Reporting Category. The Composite Information Server took top honors for its combination of convenience for the developer and performance for the user.

Network Computing Editor's Choice Award
Composite Information Server (CIS) won Network Computing's Editor's Choice Award for Enterprise Information Integration. Network Computing gave Composite the highest marks across all categories, specifically citing the Composite Information Server on several fronts:
  • "Most comprehensive" set of XML and SOAP features;
  • "Impressive" caching capabilities and performance;
  • "Exemplary" port for query optimization, and
  • Configuration that is a "breeze."

The Developer Zone

Composite Software recently announced the debut of the Composite Developer Program and Developer Zone resource center. Composite's program is designed to help corporate and independent developers quickly and easily create EII solutions that provide the highest-performance access to distributed data across the enterprise.

The Composite Developer Zone provides a trial version of the Composite Information Server, in addition to a wide range of resources for the developer community including discussion forums, development tips, training demos and more. These resources give developers the means to create real-time EII views that were previously inaccessible or too time-consuming to compile. Composite helps to jumpstart EII development efforts and allows anyone to start reaping the benefits of EII within a short period of time.

Developers can register for the program at Once registered they will have full access to the trial product, upgrades, training events and community resources, such as newsletters and online forums where they can ask questions, discuss Composite products and share views and tips with other developers.


Composite Information Server Demo
See how the Composite Information Server can help access and leverage critical enterprise information. Composite delivers high-performance EII with its patented IQ Optimization technology to enable the widest breadth of data access, creation of composite views of disparate data sources, easy security maintenance, and do all this in near real time.

CIS with Cognos ReportNet (CRN) Demo
Learn how CIS can enhance CRN by adding more data sources and real-time information for richer and more insightful reports.

Composite partners

OEM partners

Composite Software and Cognos form worldwide strategic partnership: Cognos and Composite signed a strategic OEM agreement to embed the Composite Information Server within Cognos ReportNet. The Composite Information Server extends Cognos BI with Enterprise Information Integration by:
  • Enables Cognos queries across enterprise sources, including XML/SOAP data
  • Single View reporting requirements for customer, product, or other key business entities.
  • Roll-up and aggregation from across different systems to enable dashboards and other reporting styles.
  • Extending your data warehouse without changing the schema or ETL plans.
  • Using virtual data marts for ad-hoc reporting.

Informatica extends data warehousing with EII: Informatica and Composite signed a strategic OEM agreement to embed the Composite Information Server within Informatica PowerCenter. Available in Fall of 2005, the integrated product will be the first of its kind to:
  • Extend data warehouses and queries to additional sources or real-time information | without changing the schema or ETL;
  • Virtualize Operational Data Stores (ODSs);
  • Prototype new queries and data models to gain business buy-in before implementing them in your warehouse; and
  • Offer more reports, faster, to business users

Enterprise Information Integration

Enterprise Information Integration (EII) is an emerging technology that is gaining momentum among Global 2000 corporations.

What is EII?
Enterprise Information Integration (EII) refers to technology and business best-practices for the real-time aggregation of corporate data across multiple, potentially widely disparate, data sources. EII delivers comprehensive, reusable “views” of customers, products, employees, and more. By presenting distributed data as if it exists in a single location, EII accelerates the development and maintenance of analytical and composite applications, improving corporate decision-making, customer service, compliance, or operating efficiency.

EII is generally complementary to integration technologies such as ETL and EAI, yet companies are still unclear where the features of one technology end and those of the other begin. Find out what each technology is designed to do, when is it better to use one versus the other and when is it best to use them together.

About Composite Software

Composite Software is the acknowledged leader in Enterprise Information Integration (EII) solutions, which provide real-time views of critical business information across multiple systems. The company's flagship Composite Information Server enables access to distributed enterprise data as if it existed in a single location. Founded in 2002 and headquartered in San Mateo, CA, Composite Software is funded by Palomar Ventures, Apax Partners, Lehman Brothers Venture Partners, Clearstone Venture Partners and Dot Edu Ventures.

2655 Campus Drive, Suite 200
San Mateo, CA 94403
T/ 650.227.8200
F/ 650.227.8199

For more information, please visit the company's web site at

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