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Highlighted research reports

Welcome to Loosely Coupled's research section. Our editors have highlighted the following as the pick of recently published research and analysis. To see the full, at-a-glance directory of analyst reports, click view all.


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The top 5 research reports of 2002

After assessing a wide range of criteria including value for money, depth of research and quality of findings, Loosely Coupled's editors have ranked the following as the top five research reports published in 2002 on web services and business process topics.

  1. An Executive's Guide to Web Services — Patricia Seybold Group
    A compilation of analyst white papers that clearly sets out the strategic issues surrounding web services for business executives — more info
  2. Service-Oriented Integration - Using Web Services and XML to Integrate Systems — Zapthink
    A detailed exploration of the new approach to integration enabled by web services — more info
  3. US Web Services Market Analysis, 2002 — IDC
    Detailed forecast of the size of the "web services opportunity" for 2002 to 2014 — more info
  4. BPM 2002 - Market Milestone Report — Delphi
    A detailed and informative overview of the potential and current market status of BPM — more info
  5. The Laws of Evolution: A Pragmatic Analysis of the Emerging Web Services Market — Stencil Group
    A useful introduction to service architectures and likely adoption patterns of web services in the enterprise — more info

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