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Loosely Coupled reprints

The Loosely Coupled website and its paid publications are copyright material and you must obtain our express written permission before reproducing any part of the content elsewhere. We do permit you to quote selected phrases or paragraphs from our open-access content in your weblog or other online commentary without having to explicitly ask us in advance, provided you acknowledge Loosely Coupled as the source. In all other cases you must either contact us by email to request permission, or for certain paid publications you can purchase a printing license online, as explained below.

Printing licenses

If you wish to print an article or excerpt from one of our paid publications, you can purchase a printing license online. This gives you permission to print up to an agreed number of copies of the item or, in certain cases, to publish it on your website. You purchase just the permission to print, not the printed copies themselves: you are responsible for arranging and paying for physical printing from the PDF format file that we will supply.

Loosely Coupled monthly digest
Options and prices for reprints of articles from our paid subscription newsletter are shown below, in US dollars. Once you have made your choice, please email us at so that we can set up an online order for you to process your payment.

 per 1 copyper 100 copiesper 500 copiesPDF online*
Lead feature or special report (around 4-6 pages)$4$320$1600$2400
News analysis or case study (1 to 2 pages)$2$180$850$1500
 * this is a one-off payment to put the PDF online on your website.

SOA Management 2005 Report
Vendors mentioned in the report can buy reprint licenses for their own evaluations, with or without additional content from the introductory pages of the report; or they can buy licenses to reprint either the complete set of evaluations or the entire document. Options and prices are shown below, in US dollars. Once you have made your choice, please email us at so that we can set up an online order for you to process your payment.

 per 1 copyper 100 copiesper 500 copiesPDF online*
Full document (40pp)$12$1000$5000n/a
Full set of vendor evaluations (30pp)$7.50$650$3000n/a
Lead feature or exec summary plus own evaluation (up to 12pp)$5$400$2000$3000*
Own evaluation only (4pp including cover page and 'evaluations explained')$2$200$1000$2000
 * this is a one-off payment to the put the PDF online on your website. The executive summary is not available as part of this PDF.

About online ordering

When you contact us to confirm your reprint order, we'll provide a link to take you directly to our online order form. On payment, our system automatically generates an invoice using the details you enter on your order. These can be different from your card payment details, so the invoice can be addressed to your company, even if you use your personal credit card to make payment.

Pay online

Once you're ready to buy the "Pay now" button on your order form takes you directly to the secure online payment pages of WorldPay, one of the world's leading online payment processors, and part of The Royal Bank of Scotland Group. You can pay in US dollars, euro or UK pounds using Visa or MasterCard, or by American Express in US dollars or UK pounds. We also accept payment from UK cardholders of Delta, JCB, Switch, Solo and Visa Electron.

The name of the merchant shown on your credit card statement for purchases from this site will be Procullux Media, the publisher of Loosely Coupled. Since Procullux Media is based in the UK, we must levy VAT to UK customers. Our VAT registration number is 801 9879 08.

Refund policy

We offer a no-questions-asked, 7-day automatic refund policy for subscriptions to the digest, specially extended for new subscribers until seven full calendar days after the release date of your first issue. For all other items, simply let us know within 7 calendar days of the date of your invoice that you wish to cancel, and we will refund the full value of your booking (subject to currency fluctuations).

Contact us

We aim to resolve customer queries within one working day. Our working hours are from 8:00 am until 8:00 pm UK time. Please contact us by email, phone or mail:

Procullux Media Limited
+44 20 7443 9660
8 Berridge Mews
London, UK


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