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White paper: Web Services Infrastructure: The global utility for real-time business (Feb 2002) — free download (PDF, 76k)

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This page allows purchasers and licensed subscribers to view and download the Loosely Coupled SOA Management 2005 Report.

When you click on the "view" link shown below, you will prompted for a member name and password:

  • Member name: Enter the email address you have registered with us (as shown in our email to you)
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Then click 'Sign in' to access the publication, which will load in your browser as a PDF file (you may have to wait a few moments for it to load, depending on the speed of your connection). Once it has loaded, you can save it using the disk icon on the Adobe Acrobat menu bar. If you do not have PDF viewing software, you can get Adobe Reader free-of-charge.

Loosely Coupled reports
SOA Management 2005view

Pop-up blocking: If you don't see a login dialog box when you click on 'view', it may be because your browser is blocking pop-ups. To fix this, add '' to your list of allowed domains. Or in IE, hold down the Ctrl key before clicking on 'view' and keep holding it until the pop-up window appears.

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